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Privacy Policy

Pitchkart privacy policy covers the following topics:

a) Cookies

b) Protecting customer personal information

c) Use of customers’ personal information

d) Accessing, reviewing and amending customer personal information

e) Third party website links

f) Pitchkart collection of your personal information

g) No spam or spoof emails

h) How customers can contact us about privacy questions


  • We collect information about you based on your activities on our Site, solely for the purpose relating to the conducting of business activities, especially buying and selling items and participating in auctions. The transactional information is used exclusively, pertaining to the transactions undertaken by you on the Site and for no other reasons.

  • We need to acquire some financial information from you like credit and/or bank account details.

  • You will be directed to put the financial information into the ‘My Account’ section of the Site. We at Pitchkart, exclusively use this financial information for executing your orders i.e. only for billing purposes.

    You should never post any personal or financial information on the Site other than on the ‘My Account’ section of the Site.

    Confining your financial and personal information to the ‘My Account’ section of the site safeguards you from the possibility of fraud or identity theft. Your account would be liable or suspension, if you post any financial or personal information anywhere on the Site other then ’My Account’ section of the Site.

  • You will be requested to provide certain personal information such as your name, email address, shipping address, telephone number as well as your date of birth or others identifying information. Along with it, you will also be requested to provide additional information such as your driver’s license, copy of your passport, resident’s visa or permit or national ID card for identification proof.

  • Please note that to analyze user trends and to make an improvement to the site, we may need to use your IP address i.e. internet protocol, a unique number assigned to your computer server or your ISP address i.e. internet service provider.

  • We may gather information about your computer i.e. its browser type and also navigate information about the pages you visit and the number of times you access the site.

    We may gather information about your computer i.e. its browser type and also navigate information about the pages you visit and the number of times you access the site.

Additionally, we may collect information about you from our customer support team or from store results. We may gather information about you from feedback ratings and other comments relating to your use of the site. After that, we aggregate personal information for statistical purposes. This aggregated personal information is kept anonymized.


  • We solely use your personal information to provide services and customer support to you, like improving our services, preventing illegal activities, troubleshooting problems, collecting fees, providing you with promotional emails, and implement our user agreement with you. We may sometimes share your personal information with banks or credit card authorization, processing and verifying services, or with third parties for fraud screening purposes.

  • We may share your personal information with other group companies for providing joint content and services. To help in detecting illegal acts or violations of our policies. As this contact information is your personal information, you need to update this information accordingly.

  • In addition to this, information relating to items you are buying or selling will be displayed on the Site. The information may involve details of your user ID and so on but otherwise if required, your personal information might be shared with the third party with your due permission.

  • By registering on our Site, you’re giving your consent to receive promotional emails, emails about new features or any changes on the Site. If at any point in time you decide not to receive any such emails, you just need to visit the ‘My Account’ section of the Pitchkart website and opt-out of receiving such emails.

  • We do use your comment on our website for marketing purposes and we believe by making such comments on our site expresses your consent to our using your comment for marketing purposes.


Sometimes we need to disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies or third parties where we are bound to do so by court order, or for a similar legal procedure to comply with the law, to cooperate with an ongoing law enforcement investigation where we have good faith belief that our disclosure won’t cause any harm physically or financially.

We only share your personal information with the third party if required in accordance with the privacy policy. Otherwise, we do not share personal information in the normal course of doing business.


Pitchkart is quite sensitive to customer concerns and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

  • We hold your personal information on servers located in Qatar/ Doha.

  • All personal information is encrypted. However, since the internet is not a secure medium, we cannot guarantee the privacy of your personal information.

  • By registering on our website, you express consent to the transfer of your personal information to, and its storage on, our servers located in Qatar/Doha. We take every precaution to safeguard all your personal information stored on our Site from being accessed, used, or disclosed to unauthorized personals.

  • You need to enter your user name and pass word every time you log in to access your account on our site, merely for protection purposes.

  • You need to choose your password carefully using unique numbers, letters, and special characters.


Your privacy is our priority and so we make every effort to preserve it.


The Site may contain links to other websites so as to provide you with joint content and services. Before providing your personal information to the website you visited, we request you to read all the details of the privacy statements of that particular website. We are not at all responsible for the privacy practices of other websites and our privacy policies are solely relevant to your personal information that is collected by us for the Site.


To strengthen the Site’s security and analyze its effectiveness (such as minimize the risk of breaches, identifying potential threats, and spot suspicious activity), we may amend our privacy policies, and post the revised version periodically. Hence we would encourage you to check the site regularly for the announcement of any new amendments to our privacy policy.


We are not liable for any personal information shared by you with other site members. We suggest you always seek information on the privacy and security policies with whomsoever you are transacting. Our privacy policy does not cover the release of your personal information to another site member.